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Apply & Pay for a Permit

Plan & Permit Fees

Important Information on Fees

Click here to see Fee Schedule Updated 3-16-2023Click here to see more information about Impact Fees


1. Do I need to still upload plan in Pitkin County through Sages? 
  • Yes, until we come up with a way to integrate Smartsheet link in Sages, you will have to submit separately.
2. Can I submit one form for multiple structures or do I need to submit separately? 
  • You can submit in one form for multiple buildings. Just upload plans like you would upload with the city or county.
3. Can I check the status of my review through Smartsheet? 
  • Unfortunately no. This system is for our internal system to track projects. Please feel free to email us if you have follow up questions regarding your review and the process.
4. Can I pay with a credit card? 
  • Yes, just click on the permit fee payment below. The payment processing company charges a service fee of 2.65% or $3.00 minimum to cardholders who use this service.
5. Can I schedule inspections through Smartsheet? 
  • No, but that’s not a bad idea! We’ll look into that!
6. Can I get a receipt after you have submitted payment? 
  • You will recieve a receipt directly from Municipay to your email when you complete a payment.
7. What is a Impact Fee Payment? 
  • Impact Fees are single payments required to be made by builders, owners or developers at the time of building permit to provide for emergency services necessary to accommodate growth.